About ZanaGroup Company

Since the foundation of the company in 1998, the founders preformed efforts and purposes was to do the best in achievements realizing the objectives and achieve more progress, During the past period the company could execute many projects and contract successfully within the punctuality.

Perfectly regarding the terms, conditions and fulfillment of all the terms and required standards and our obligations in order to get the satisfaction of the clients and partners. We extended and developed different techniques in executing the contracts and widen formworks of renovation and reliability in order to support our country economic infrastructure.

On the base of our view and trustworthy Zana Group execute several projects and contracts respecting economic and business agreements and trading and investment agreements.

We altogether can provided more employment opportunities and we can contribute in building the new generations that enable the community to live in better more safe and more health and pure environment and live in prosperity, welfare which enhance stability of life in social, health, education and employment.

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